Floor boards with concrete, precious rust or asphalt look.

Floor boards

imi provides suitable solutions for different requirements with its floor boards. Large-sized boards with circumferential slot on 19 mm MDF boards:

  • Standard size 2.600 x 1.010 mm up to 3.400 x 1.300 mm.
  • Firmly glued together or reversible with screwed T-spring.
  • Exclusive surface design with high value of benefit.
  • Natural surface by high-quality materials.
Double floor system

Even as a double floor system with standard format 1.000 x 1.000 mm, other formats are also possible.

Elastic wall and floor covering

Please, look at imi-beton mat

Product description and benefits

  • The imi floor board element thickness is 20–22 mm, depending on the surface.
  • Core board is a 19 mm MDF-board.
  • The rear is applied with white melamine counter-pull.
  • Board surface is original imi-coating in different designs. Take a look at "Available surfaces" section, please.
  • Processed easily with conventional tools for carpenters.
  • The floor boards with original imi-coating are suitable for domestic and general commercial use.
  • Small damages of the surface can be easily fixed with a special post processing.

Application examples gallery