The imi-beton facade panel is a high-quality panel material based on basalt rock. Consisting of a highly compressed rock wool core board and an approx. 1 mm thick, mineral imi-beton coating.

The product combines the robust roperties of stone and the easy workability of wood. Where other panel materials reach their limits, imi-beton facade panels offer an excellent solution. Easy and fast to process, sustainable and appealing in design.


The board material is available in two different versions, each in the thicknesses 8 mm and 10 mm:

  • Durable: imi-beton facade panel
  • Xtreme: imi-beton facade panel for particularly high demands on mechanical load-bearing capacity.

* Optional width of 1.230 mm: from 100 m²

You can also have your panels cut to size. The length can vary depending on the requirements of your project. Our panels are available in any length between 1,680 mm and 3,030 mm and in a width 1,230 mm. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

* Special dimensions in length: from 300 m²

* Thickness of the carrier board