We are masters of outdoor kitchens, inspired by the idea of transforming every backyard and terrace into an oasis of gastronomic possibilities. Our specialty is not just the production of furniture, it is the creation of spaces where the harmony between style and functionality enhances your individual taste and lifestyle.

We pay special attention to every detail, from selecting quality materials, like innovative Tricoya, to custom designs that reflect your unique aesthetic. Our outdoor kitchens are not just weather-resistant – they are designed to help you enjoy every moment of cooking and spending time outdoors.

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Tricoya is an innovative wood-polymer composite that represents a revolutionary step in the field of construction and design. Developed by leading experts in the field of engineering materials, this material combines the strength of wood and moisture resistance with the advantages of modern polymer composites.

Tricoya has a longer lifespan than many other materials, providing a guaranteed lifespan of 50 years. This makes it the ideal choice for projects where durability, aesthetics and high performance are required. We pay special attention to the quality of our painting work, and therefore we use only the most reliable and professional materials. In our work we use leading brands, such as Sikkens, Renner and AkzoNobel.

Each of these brands represents high-quality paints and varnishes that provide superior finish, durability and protection from external factors. We are confident in the reliability and effectiveness of the products of these brands, so we choose them for our projects without hesitation.


Our outdoor kitchens are available by default in standard colours: white, grey and black, highlighting the modern style and design elegance. However, we fully understand that each client has their own individual preferences. If the customer wishes, we can paint outdoor kitchens in any colou r from the RAL catalog, providing endless possibilities for making your dream come true.


We offer a wide selection of ceramic countertops from well-known brands, guaranteeing high quality, durability and attractive appearance. Ceramic countertops are resistant to moisture, temperature changes and mechanical damage, making them an ideal choice for outdoor use.

At your request, the kitchen can be completely covered with ceramics both front and back, ensuring resistance to moisture and ease of maintenance. This option not only provides protection from external elements, but also adds an elegant and modern look for your outdoor kitchen.


Our collection of fronts offers a variety of options, allowing you to choose the perfect combination of style and functionality for your outdoor kitchen. We manufacture Tricoya facades with paint, providing a durable and beautiful finish that will last for many years.

For those looking for an even more luxurious look, we offer Tricoya fronts with stone – an elegant combination of natural stone and durable material, creating a sophisticated and stylish look.

The innovative IMI Surface Design material opens up new design possibilities for your outdoor kitchen. This material imitates a variety of textures and finishes, including wood, metal and stone, to create unique and impressive facades that look like original materials, but with the benefits of strength and durability.


Discover versatility like never before with our modular kitchen solutions! We’ve specially crafted a series of unique modules, each designed to serve a specific function. From storage cabinets to prep counters and grilling stations, our modules seamlessly come together to create a fully functional outdoor kitchen tailored to your needs. With endless configurations to choose from, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Module of Outdoor Kitchen A60R

Original price was: €650,00.Current price is: €499,00.

Size : W60xH90xD60 cm Cabinet with door (R) One shelf included Modular assembly options are avilable

Module of Outdoor Kitchen A120

Original price was: €1.300,00.Current price is: €989,00.

Size : W120xH90xD60 cm Cabinet with doors One shelf included Modular assembly options are avilable

Module of Outdoor Kitchen B60.3

Original price was: €750,00.Current price is: €570,00.

Size : W60xH90xD60 cm Cabinet with 3 drawers Touch to open technology Modular assembly options are avilable

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

We can design and manufacture custom outdoor kitchens tailored for any built-in BBQ. To start creating your dream outdoor kitchen, contact us via the form below.

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For more information or to explore custom outdoor kitchen solutions, feel free to contact us. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

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